Are you open for just PLAY time, or is PLAY only for Parties? Play is a space for all! We do host birthday parties by reservation only, but during open business hours it is open for playtime.

Can I bring in food? We do not allow outside food or drinks, but we do have an Espresso Bar & Kitchen available all open hours!

Can Children Play Alone? Children under 18 years of age are required to have a Responsible Adult (age 18+) accompany them. If an adult is supervising several children, a ratio of 1:8 must be followed.

Do Adults have to pay to enter the play area? No, our current pricing structure does not require Adults to pay to enter. 

What is your policy for children who are harming other children & disrupting enjoyable playtime? We understand children can get excited, overstimulated and worked up in a new place. If this turns into aggressive behavior including but not limited to pushing, hitting, biting, yelling and hurtful words, we ask that the child be redirected by parents. Play has instituted a 3 strike policy.  If the situation cannot be addressed by redirection, we ask that the family continue playtime on another date. 

Party Quick Tips!

  • Birthday Cake / cupcakes are permitted. 
  • Table decor and balloons permitted, however no wall decor is permitted. Please note** NO CAKE TABLE IS PROVIDED**
  • Party times will begin and end as scheduled. No exceptions. Walk in parties are strictly prohibited. Please speak with a PLAY Team Member for more information about party rules and questions. 


What food is included in my Party Package? Food & Drink (Pizza & Drink) is Included for all child guests. Food & Drink for Adults can be purchased through PLAY. *Please see food Pricing for Details.

Can I bring in my own cake? Yes! Birthday Cake or cupcakes are permitted. All cake and cupcakes must be placed on to of reserved seating tables, no cake table is provided.

Can I bring in my own food or drinks for my party?  Nope, sorry!  Outside food and drinks are not allowed. If you have a special request/ or dietary restriction please notify a staff member. Special requests must be approved by management and are not guaranteed. 

Can I Order food the day of my party? Yes, Ordering food the day of your event is allowed, but... Please be aware food orders day of are not guaranteed to arrive with pre-ordered food. We suggest all food be ordered ahead of time!

Are Decorations allowed? Yes, Table decor and balloons  are permitted, however no wall decor is permitted. **Please note for parties in beginning in August or beyond, no cake table or gift table will be provided.

How much time will I have to Decorate? Your party host will set up all of the provided PLAY party essentials you need for your event! If you have additional personal decor you would like to set up, we will do our best to assist, however , decorations that are time consuming will cut into party time and are discouraged. (Your host has 15 min before party begins)  If you feel your event will have many elaborate decorations that may consume time, we suggest you ask about Private party options to suit your decor needs!

What will my Party host do? We want you to enjoy your child’s party! Your party Host will be in charge of setting up your party area, Delivering all food items and ordering additional food if needed, carrying items to and from your car, checking in guests & rounding up kids for cake & present time! Your Host is there to HELP!

Can I hire Characters for my party? YES! Characters are allowed to attend parties! Please notify PLAY of Character visit prior to Event date. Please note that special accommodations/changing areas are not available for hired Entertainment. PLAY will try to accommodate surprise visits :)

Can I bring a Pinata? We do not have a Pinata Area :(

When should I arrive for my Party? You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled event time. Party times will begin and end as scheduled. No exceptions. Walk in parties are strictly prohibited.

Can I request more party time? Additional party time is not available.

Are discounts available for parties?  Discounts for parties are reserved for Members Only! Ask a Team Member for details.

Military Discounts? Military discounts are not available for party bookings or Memberships at this time. However, we do have Military Discounts for Admissions and Cafe!

How many children can attend my party? Cost per child applies for Parties (minimum 8 children) Please check with your party coordinator for current pricing !

How many adults are allowed? How much will it cost for Adults?  Adults are Free. Parties have reserved seating for children only.  If you are expecting a large group or both Adults and Children, please speak to a Team Member about special Private event pricing.

Is Gratuity included in the price? Your Party Staff is is here to help! Private events have a 15% gratuity added. If you feel our staff did a great job, We recommend leaving them an extra tip :)